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People continue to bash the hipster lifestyle but then they go and do “hipster-like” things themselves because they think it makes them look cool. I have no problem with people who want to be different, dress different, and act different. In fact, I think people that do all of the above deserve some praise for being individual.

Since when does wearing all Abercrombie, Victoria’s Secret, way too much makeup and carrying around pocketbooks that display how much money you make *cough cough how much money your parents make cough* mean you’re better than everyone else? It doesn’t. It shows that you can’t deviate from the norm. You aren’t confidant enough with yourself to be an individual. 

I’m not trying to promote the hipster style or anything of the sort, im mostly ranting about how much people suck. 

I understand everyone is different. But its interesting to look at how different, contradictory and just downright trashy the world has become. Specifically teenagers. 

Since i am unable to avoid labeling at this point, I figure i should just come out and say it. Essentially, I think people who are “hipsters” actually have a personality. The hate they receive for it comes from the zombie-like, sans personality teenagers who hate themselves.

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